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The concept of Law Boutique combines the most valuable elements of law traditions and high-standard innovative legal services as well as professional creativity in complex legal environment.

Law Boutique’s loyalty to its clients, professional ethics, absence of conflicts of interest and protection of confidential information cannot be replaced by any other legal business scheme.

We pride ourselves in providing modern legal services which are based on long years of professional experience, transparency, clarity, respect of interests of our clients and technological innovations.

What we do

Law Boutique service areas by the Law of the
Republic of Lithuania and European Union law

Property, property rights icon

Property, property rights

Real estate (land, buildings) ownership and usage matters, other property rights

Marriage, family, children icon

Marriage, family, children

Divorce legal services, paternity, disputes concerning children, children’s maintenance, division of property, non-pecuniary damages and other related services

Business icon

Legal Services for Business

Commercial Contract Law and other Obligations

Mediation Services icon

Mediation Services

Judicial and pretrial mediation services in Family matters, Intellectual property, Commercial and other Business related litigations

"Mediation" is a structured process, whereby two or more parties involved into a civil conflict put efforts on a voluntary basis to settle an issue with the assistance of a mediator.
"Mediator" means any third person who is asked to conduct mediation in an effective, impartial and competent way, regardless of the status or profession of that third person.

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Intellectual property icon

Intellectual property

Copyright infringements on the Internet, license agreements, domain names, trademarks and others

Material and non-material damages icon

Material and non-material damages

For patients, consumers, authors, tourists, passengers and customary (traditional) cases of material or non-material damages

About us

Law Boutique provides high-quality niche legal services to natural persons, small and medium – sized businesses. This type of service is referred to as a "solo" practice, which is highly valued by clients. People appreciate when their legal problems or issues are handled individually and with respect. This may not always be available with services provided by purified legal businesses.

Law Boutique values its clients and their reputation. Law Boutique brand implies care, commitment and responsibility – the qualities that are sought by clients in legal advice and services provided by their lawyers. Therefore, we make sure that our clients always feel comfortable in communication and cooperation with their attorney.

International title LAW BOUTIQUE is sending a message that global thinking motivates us to continue improving professionally, therefore are interested in estimating and applying progressive legal ideas and services. Foreign working languages available at Law Boutique are English, German and Russian.

Law Boutique brand and the business concept of Vilnius Centre Law Firm, which was founded in 2004, started in 2010. The founder of Law Boutique and Vilnius Centre Law Firm is an advocate Vytautė Ladigaitė-Balčiūnienė who has been working as a self-employed practitioner since 1998. She began her professional career in 1995 as an advocate’s assistant. In the past Vytautė Ladigaitė worked as a lecturer in law at university, also gave lectures to legal practitioners, businessmen, issued several legal publications in law journals, etc. Currently her main and exceptional activity is legal practice as an advocate.

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