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  • The choice of a lawyer for personal disputes and matters is much more careful since it is not a sphere of business communication
  • A culture of responsibility and openness at LAW BOUTIQUE builds long-term relationships with our customers
  • Reliability in both internal and external customer' matters is the first priority of LAW BOUTIQUE
  • Respect for the individual and fostering exchange relationships spreads innovative ideas

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Areas Of Law For Customers

Family Law, Inheritance

Consultations on marriage contracts and related issues; family mediation; representation and consulting in divorce cases; disputes relating to minors; international child abduction applications; inheritance disputes

Personal Data Protection And Privacy

Advice and representation in data protection disputes and cases; representation in disputes concerning violation of privacy rights; others

Contracts, Real Estate Law

Legal audit and consulting with regard to private property and consumer contracts; preparation and formation of contracts; representation in civil cases and disputes regarding various contracts

Dispute Resolution, Other Cases

Mediation services; consultations, preparation of procedural documents, representation of individuals in complex civil cases; particular judicial proceedings, etc.

Textas ©2021 Saulius Slavinskas. Iš serijos "Riba" 2013 m.