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For business

  • Constant cooperation with a boutique lawyer is beneficial for legal entities, small and medium-sized enterprises with ongoing legal issues, the ability to apply professional experience in various legal and related fields, as well as the client's activities, business specifics and history
  • Being accustomed to permanent dealing with overlapping legal issues, allows us to reveal a broader picture of possibilities and legal consequences in the activities of our clients
  • If necessary, we are able to consult with other experts on complex matters and incorporate their knowledge into our expertise
  • From day-to-day corporate law services to complex projects and conflict resolution, we will advise, protect and advocate your interests

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Areas Of Law For Businesses

Company Law

Starting and setting up businesses, consulting businesses; the rights and obligations of shareholders and others; shareholder disputes; share-transfer transactions; corporate governance issues; formation of company and other legal entities founding documents (articles of association, regulations, etc) of; preparation of companies in-house documents, others

Commercial Law

Preparation of business contracts and legal auditioning; copyright, licensing; partnerships, etc.

Business Contracts, Real Estate Law

Legal audit of business' contracts; invalidation, cancellation or termination of business' contracts

Shareholder Disputes

Representation of shareholders in relations with other shareholders or a company, legal entity; implementing the right for information; supervision of the activities of management bodies; disputes regarding the decisions of general meeting of shareholders; disputes concerning compensation for damage caused by the management bodies of a legal person

Regulatory Law

intellectual property; registration of trademarks in the Republic of Lithuania and the EU, dispute resolution; preparation of a set of personal data protection documents; audit of compliance with personal data protection requirements; contracts for processing personal data; representation in various data protection disputes;