Law boutique


Back in 2010, we were the first in Lithuania to introduce the boutique philosophy into the functioning of law firms and we continue to develop it using our LAW BOUTIQUE brand

  • Boutique law firms specialize in only a few areas of practice, and this conception means exceptionally well-done work in them, thus justifying the highest quality boutique services and their price
  • LAW BOUTIQUE - we foster sustainable cooperation A culture of responsibility and openness allows us to build long-term relationships with partners and customers
  • Reliability in both internal and external customer issues. Respect for the individual and fostering mutual communication spreads innovative ideas
  • We understand the added value of LAW BOUTIQUE as a higher quality, greater reliability, better reputation, innovative, creative ideas
  • LAW BOUTIQUE actively presents a modern and progressive trend - trust in the sincerity of the lawyer
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